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Companies who take the wellbeing of their staff seriously enjoy lower levels of absence due to sickness, lower staff churn, higher productivity and greater staff motivation. Their people are more innovative and loyal and they deliver higher levels of customer service.

How do you manage your sickness absence? Stress, depression and anxiety account for over 17.9 million lost working days in the UK alone. Mental health issues are one of the biggest causes of long and short term absence. There is also a massive negative effect on Presenteeism - and that all impacts sharply on the bottom line!

- Do your managers know how to handle the difficulties?

- Do your managers know how to fully support and motivate their staff?

Our management and leadership programmes are designed specifically to blend and adapt to your culture and current circumstances.  By tapping into motivation, individuals can tackle whatever challenges they face with inspiration, a positive attitude and self belief.

In short if you focus on the wellbeing of your people – your bottom line feels the benefit too.

Do you want your employees to thrive?

With the balance of work and home life identified as one of the top causes of mental ill-health with 10.4 million working days lost each year in the UK alone, it makes sense to put things in place to support your employees in building their inner resilience and wellbeing.

We specialise in stress management and life balance. With a wide range workshops you can provide a cost effective solution to employee wellbeing. Courses can be tailored directly for your organisation.

If you are looking to enhance your employee wellbeing and engagement our  workshops will provide your staff with all the tools and techniques they will need to create a life in balance.  

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