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There are many aspects for organisations to focus on if you want to retain your top talent.

Your culture, leadership, wellbeing and the mind-set of your people are all key determinants of your corporate success.

At Morgan Redwood we strive to share our latest thinking and support our clients in continuous improvement and peak performance.

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The Survivor Syndrome

How you treat your leavers has a massive impact on the employees you want to retain. Here's how to get the focus right.

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How to make the ultimate career move

Looking to make a fresh start? A change in career? Whatever your reason for wanting a new role, our tips will help guide you there.

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Keeping Calm in a Crisis

When things don't go to plan and a crisis develops, how do you deal with things with professionalism and calm? Being resilient and having the ability to handle pressure and stress are fundamentals for everyone to get to grips with - no matter what level. Read on to see how you can stay calm in a crisis when everyone else might be losing their heads.

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Gender Equality & Sexism

Gender equality and sexism in the workplace are serious issues. With many examples of staggering pay gaps between female and male earnings, the flames of indignation can rise high. Evidence of sexism towards both genders leads to the need for a serious review of organisational culture.

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5 Essentials for Managing Sickness Absence

Sickness Absence can put strain on an organisation in many ways. The cost of sickness absence in the UK is estimated at c. £15billion per annum. Having the right policy and processes in place is key to keeping your business on the right track. Read our 5 essentials for getting it right ..

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Wellbeing & Business Performance 2015

With a 27% improvement in earnings per employee for those that invest in staff, with Work-life balance being a key motivator, why do over 13% of Boards think of staff as a necessary evil? A sharp contrast to our research in 2009.  You can download a full copy by clicking the link below.

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Essential Tips for Equal Pay Policy and Audits

The Equality Act 2010, outlined that employers with over 250 employees should measure and publish their gender pay data. From October 2014, tribunals could order employers guilty of pay discrimination to conduct a full equal pay audit. Read the full report here..

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If I was … determined to be happy at work

Some top tips on how to be happy at work, as shown in the FT

Read FT article here

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Survival Mode

 If your job satisfaction is at a low, it can easily seem like the working week is an exercise in survival.

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Women — Well or Wasted

How do women balance their time with all the commitments that they have in their lives? How satisfied are they?

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Wellbeing and Business Performance

Use this link to download our Wellbeing and Business Performance Report.

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Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Companies pay huge attention to their key financials - sales, margin, throughput, operational costs and so forth. However the asset that also drives corporate performance and which is most overlooked in tough times is people. Wellbeing and Employee Engagement are issues that are now hitting the headlines.

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