People Strategy

No two companies are the same and that is why our work within People Strategy is tailored to each and every business that we work with.

We are experts in our field at the integration of people strategy to underpin your business strategy. In getting the culture right within your organisation through the facilitation of change, we can help you to shift performance to a new level.

Transformation is only possible if there is a fundamental shift in values & attitudes of all individuals. This begins with personal awareness & responsibility for all employees to transform their own behaviours. At Morgan Redwood we can provide the frameworks & tools to support development and company growth.

Our experts will be able to give you the clarity, strategic advice and practical support you need at both Board and operational level.

Whatever your challenge:
  • Creating the right people strategy and culture to underpin the business strategy and business plan
  • Coping with a major corporate restructure
  • Managing culture change
  • Embarking on a merger or acquisitions
  • Developing competency and performance frameworks
  • HR policy and frameworks to support business growth
  • Coping with major downsizing
  • Succession planning
  • Achieving excellence through customer service
  • Global expansion
  • Culture change & positive attitude
  • Employee Engagement and the psychological contract
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Stress management
  • Selection and interviewing
  • Outplacement

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