Downsizing and restructuring bring challenges to many organisations. How you treat people during the process can have an enormous impact on your business performance and employer brand.

The cost of getting it wrong can not only lead to compensation and tribunal claims, but also to you losing the best of your remaining employees as they seek employment elsewhere when they see their redundant colleagues being treated badly in the process.

At Morgan Redwood we have over 30 years experience at developing and executing the right legal process for your restructure that will enable your business to come out the other side and flourish.

In addition to supporting the HR and business process in your restructure, we also have unique and cost effective outplacement solutions to boost your brand.


Providing face-to-face tuition and support, our workshops can be designed and delivered to cover a range of topics including the development of a market focused CV and how to prepare for successful interviews.

1:1 Programmes & Coaching

If you are looking to provide a focussed approach for individual employees, our 1:1 programmes can provide bespoke and specific coaching and support. Utilising psychometrics and a range of tools and techniques, programmes can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual and your budget.

Contact us now to discuss your organisations needs and how we can provide you with your own cost effective bespoke solution.

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