Leadership Skills

Leaders operate at all levels in an organisation.

We work closely with businesses helping them identify the current and future leaders who need developing in order to take the business forward. We then equip them with the leadership skills they need.

We do not simply provide off the shelf programmes, after all each business and individual is completely different. Instead we work with you to understand your business’ strategic needs and then deliver a bespoke solution to match.

With Stress now the number 1 reason for long term sickness absence and having such a massive negative impact on short term absence, presenteeism, and lower performance, it is absolutely vital that your managers know how to manage the difficulties and how to positively build up resilience levels. The financial impact is enormous! - so can you afford not to do anything?

Our focused approach provides the skills for managing personal stress and the impact on others and importantly how to build up resilience and turn what might be pressure and stress into motivation!

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The elements may include:

  • Building & leading teams

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Developing leadership competency - a values-based approach for changing behaviours

  • Assessment tools and 360-degree feedback

  • Self-awareness and interpersonal skills

  • Motivation and performance management

  • Developing & working with a Postive Mental Attitude

  • Achieving excellence through customer service

  • Managing and Dissolving Stress

  • Selection and Interviewing

  • A series of leadership development programmes - to develop your leaders through self-awareness; leading others and achieving maximum performance.

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